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ODM solution
  • Can you support to design the tablet pc smartphone laptop outlook?

    Yes, we can custom ID and MD design with your reference and using scenario description.

  • Do you support the product software(SW) development?

    Normally we do system and driver level development, Application-level development will be done by Client or 3rd party software(SW) developer assigned by clients.

  • Which OS can you support development?

    Yes, we can support tablet PC & smartphone custom OS based on Android OS ,Windows OS ,Linux OS, Ubuntu OS.

  • Can you support to remove the battery from tablet PC?

    Yes, sure, we can support tablet PC or smartphone removed battery, removed the camera, shipment without the device case, as well as we can support add the POE,USB Type C, DC IN, HDMI interface on the smart device. 

  • Can you support SKD service?

    Yes, we can support SKD (software kit development) service for customers.

  • Do you have any experience with smart home projects?

    Yes,we have rich experience with quite a lot smart home iOT cases. Tuya, Google assistant work with Alexa, Zigbee, Zwave, LoRa, etc.

    Actually, we have developed a touch screen device which has a broad range of industrial applications. such us

    1) Smart home control

    2) Smart touch panel for smart appliance

    3) Smart OBD diagnostic device for cars, smart display panel for rear seat of the car,

    tablet PC with TOF camera for driving monitoring

    4) Smart health care devices for doctor and nurse in hospital, smart senior care tablet PC, smart health care for kids

    5) Smart display with AI

    6) Different size display open frame for smart scooter smart bike and smart treadmill

    7) Smart big touch screen for ad players, POS devices for bank and mall.

    8) Education tablet PC with keyboard and stylus pen for students and other ODM projects too numerous to list.

  • Can you support customization of accessories for smart devices?

    Yes, we can support custom smart cover, docking charging station, charging dock, magnetic back clip, wall mount, stylus pen for smart device.

  • Can you provide prototype samples?

    Yes, in principle we can provide prototype samples before bulk order. For this we will need detailed requirements and we will then be able to come back to you with the best proposed solution asap.

  • What‘s the normal ODM product development time?

    Normally, it takes 3-5 months, but it can vary depending on the complexity of the project. Please contact us and provide detailed requirements and we will propose the best solution to you asap.

  • How is the ODM device development cost calculated?

    Development charge is in 2 parts: 

    1) Tooling design;

    2) PCBA development and hardware tuning. 

    Cost also depends on the specific project. 

    Please contact us and provide detailed requirements and we will propose the most cost effective solution to you asap.

  • Can we sign MNDA?

    Yes, we can sign MNDA.

  • How to deal with the intellectual property?

    It's joint development between clients and Pretech. The ownership of the intellectual property depends on the agreement between clients and Pretech.

  • What's your after-sales service for ODM smart device ? Can you support two year’s or more warranty?

    Normally, we provide a 1-year warranty as standard. However, we can support a 2-year warranty or more, if the customer requires. Please contact us and provide detailed requirements and we will propose the most suitable solution to you asap.

  • How do you guarantee PCBA design quality?

    We have EVT,DVT,PVT,MVT verifications,each stage,we would sent samples to customers to test and feedback as well;

  • What is your PCBA design and verification process?

    Requirement evaluation

    Schematic Diagram design


    PCBA samples

    EVT(could be several rounds, depends on how difficult the project is)




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