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Pretech Offers Customized Tablet PC with AF or AG Solutions
Post by PRETECH on 2023-09-20 in Showcase

Pretech offers customized Tablet PC solutions with AF and AG glass panels, highlighting our expertise in providing tailored solutions.

AF (Anti-Fingerprint) and AG (Anti-Glare) Glass:


Reduced Reflection and Glare: AG coatings minimize surface reflections and glare, improving screen readability in bright environments.

Anti-Fingerprint Properties: AG glass often includes anti-fingerprint features, reducing the visibility of fingerprints and smudges, keeping the screen clean.

Enhanced Visibility: It provides better visibility and visual comfort, especially in outdoor displays and high-light conditions.


Outdoor Displays: AG glass is commonly used in outdoor billboards, kiosks, and screens to reduce reflections and enhance visibility.

Electronic Devices: AG coatings can be applied to laptop, tablet, and smartphone screens, offering an improved visual experience.

Medical Equipment: AG glass is used in medical devices to ensure clear imaging in environments like operating rooms.

Customized Solutions by Pretech:

Pretech specializes in delivering customized tablet pc solutions featuring AF and AG glass panels to meet diverse application requirements. Our professional team can creatsmart tablet pc products tailored to your specifications and application scenarios, ensuring their suitability for various industries and purposes. Whether you need them for outdoor displays, electronic devices, or automation systems, Pretech can provide high-quality, high-performance coated glass to meet your custom needs.

Video Links:

AG screen Tablet pc   https://youtu.be/DZxx4eancOQ

AF touch screen    https://youtu.be/fz1WKQXxlzI

AF anti-fingerprint 防指纹.jpg

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