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Pretech Multi-Functional Application of POE and RS485 Solution in Different Scenarios
Post by PRETECH on 2023-09-20 in Showcase

From Meeting Rooms to Healthcare, Emphasizing RS485 Integration, and Highlighting Our Company's Comprehensive POE Wall Mount Tablets


Android tablets are playing an increasingly vital role in modern life, serving not only for home entertainment and information media but also in commercial and industrial applications. In this context, the adoption of Power over Ethernet (POE) technology has become increasingly widespread, allowing Android tablets to receive both power and data connectivity through network cables, offering greater flexibility and convenience. This article delves into various aspects related to these keywords, focusing on the application of POE technology in Android tablets and their multifunctional uses in different scenarios. We also emphasize the integration of RS485 and introduce our company's comprehensive POE wall mount tablets.

Wall-Mounted Tablets in Various Sizes:

In terms of wall mounting options, our POE Android tablets come in multiple size options, including 5.5 inches, 8 inches, 10.1 inches, 10.5 inches, 15.6 inches, and 18.5 inches, catering to different scenarios and spatial requirements. These tablets can be easily wall-mounted, saving space, making them an ideal choice for scenarios such as meeting rooms, healthcare equipment, industrial automation, and smart homes.

Meeting Room Scenario:

In meeting rooms, our wall-mounted POE Android tablets serve as smart meeting room control panels, enabling control of lighting, projectors, and sound systems through network connections. The RS485 integration allows these tablets to interface seamlessly with various meeting room devices, facilitating control and automation.

Healthcare Scenario:

In the healthcare sector, our POE Android tablets improve the operability of medical equipment. Doctors and nurses can use them to access patient medical records, display medical images, and manage medical devices. The RS485 connectivity supports communication with medical instruments, enabling real-time monitoring of vital signs and diagnostics.

Industrial Automation:

In industrial automation environments, our POE Android tablets are used for monitoring and controlling production processes. They can be integrated into industrial machinery, providing real-time monitoring of production data and communication with other devices for automated production and troubleshooting. The RS485 compatibility is particularly valuable in industrial settings, enabling reliable and long-distance communication with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and sensors.

Smart Home:

In home automation, our POE Android tablets can control home devices such as smart lighting, smart appliances, and security systems. Users can monitor and control various devices in their homes in real-time using these tablets, enhancing comfort and security in their daily lives. The RS485 support enables seamless integration with a wide range of smart home devices, ensuring compatibility and interoperability.

Business Applications:

In addition to the mentioned scenarios, our POE Android tablets are also employed in commercial applications like digital signage, retail point-of-sale terminals, and restaurant ordering systems. They provide interactivity and information dissemination, promoting business growth and customer satisfaction. The RS485 connectivity can be leveraged to interface with barcode scanners, receipt printers, and other business peripherals, streamlining operations.

Support for Multiple Certifications:

Our company's POE tablet solutions have obtained various certifications, including KC certification, CE certification, and FCC certification, ensuring high-quality and safety standards for our products. These certifications not only align with international standards but also provide customers with confidence in using these tablets globally.

NFC and RFID Support:

To meet diverse application needs, our POE Android tablets support NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technologies. This means they can be used for identity verification, access control, inventory management, and more, enhancing security and efficiency.


In conclusion, POE technology empowers Android tablets with a wide range of application areas, from meeting rooms to healthcare devices, industrial automation, and smart homes, playing a critical role in each of these scenarios. The integration of RS485 further enhances their versatility, enabling seamless communication with various equipment and devices in different settings. Our company offers comprehensive POE wall mount tablet solutions, highly customizable to meet various industry needs, helping customers achieve higher efficiency and convenience.

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