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Pretech 12.1" Detachable Laptop compare windows mircosoft Surface Pro 7
Post by PRETECH on 2023-07-25 in Newsroom

It's with great excitement that we introduce our latest product, the PRETECH-S1201BI, a superior 12.1" detachable laptop.

The market trend for detachable laptops has shown significant growth throughout 2022,there was a strong shift towards versatility, mobility and performance in personal computing.

Now, let's see how our PRETECH-S1201BI fits into this growing market:

ItemPRETECH-S1201BISurface Pro 7+
CPU13th Gen N100 (Geek-bench 5 multi-core benchmark result: 2,864 points)11th Gen I3,1115G4 (Geek-bench 5 multi-core benchmark result: 2.676 points)
Display12.1inch 2160*1400 IPS12.3inch 2736*1824 IPS
MPP stylusOptionalOptional
Dimensions276.6*197.4*8.7mm292 mm x 201 mm x 8.5 mm

In the expanding market of detachable laptops, our PRETECH-S1201BI is positioned to deliver performance, versatility, and a spectacular viewing experience with its 12.1" 2K display.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information or any inquiries.


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