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    The Versatile Mpen is Your
Best Choice.
You can not only use it to take notes, sketch a draft, paint a watercolor, but also
mark up an email, or sign a form. Whatever you need to do, Mpen is easy and convenient
to use but impossible to put down.
Bring Your Ideas into Reality.
While it resembles a classic writing tool,
Mpen is so much more. Whether you are
marking up a complex document, designing
a car onsite, or retouching layer in a photo,
you get an astonishing selection of tools in
 a single instrument. Mpen can help you to use
every pixel to create a rich and colorful
 effect, especially when you need pixel-perfect
 precision. You can use it to make industrial
drawings, or to add fine brushstrokes to
Creating Never be Easier Like Now
Mpen can help you to take notes and outline ideas, just like writing on the paper. You can add
handwriting or painting beside the text, and also use the focus function to search handwriting
notes. you can use Mpen not only to create songs, animated short films, take notes, but also to
draw CAD. In addition, there are many excellent apps on Windows that can help you deal with
more transactions. Such as OneNote, Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, Sketchable, Bluebeam Revu,
Drawboard, Staffpad
Leave Your Mark

               on Pictures, Documents And More.
You can use Mpen to add comments on PDF files, photos, web pages and the screenshot that you want to mark. At the same time, you can also outline the PPT directly to enrich your speech.
Tow Shortcut Buttons.
The quick wipe and the right mouse button improve your work efficiency and save your time to create more fresh ideas.
Replaceable Pen Tips.
POM and fiber tips bring the personalized choice. Use the soft fiber tip to draw like a pencil, or replace with the hard POM tip to write smoothly like a pen.
Sophisticated Manufactured,
But Easy to Use
Although Mpen awarded numerous patents, and it is light and comfortable light a regular pen. It's far more accurate than your fingertips, and using it is as simple and easy as moving your
Write and Sketch Naturally
As Mpen adopts ultra high point rate, the delay from your writing to the content showed on the screen is almost imperceptible. The pressure of your hand will be filtered out by the PalmBlock technology, when you use Mpen to write. So you can lean your hand on the screen and writeas smoothly as on the paper.
Equipped with the complex and sophisticated 1024 pressure sensors, Mpen is able to judge the
strength that you applied on the tip accurately. Press harder for thicker lines, lighter for
thinner ones.
300 days of Continuous Service Time,
Ideas Never Stop.
Mpen equipped with ultra low power IC, and it will automatically go to sleep when the accel
erator detects that the pen is not moving. A new battery gives you 300 days of scribbling,
sketching, and editing(2 hours use of each day).
Compatible Models
  • specification
Model MPP403
Sensitivity 1024 pressure level
Texture Aluminum housing
Battery AAAA alkaline, up to 12 months life
Dimension 142mm
Weight 19.8+-3.0g
Nibs Replaceable
Buttons Eraser and Right click
  • Pen Clip
    Pen Clip
    Pen Clip x 1
  • Replaceable Refill
    Replaceable Refill
    Replaceable Refill x 1
  • AAAA Battery
    AAAA Battery
    AAAA Battery x1
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